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Past performance often equals future outcome. We are proud to have built many great relationships, friendships and success stories in our list of clients. We think you will learn a lot about Chris' approach to branding and his dedication to his clients' projects.


“We hired Chris Collins to create a complete visual and strategic rebrand of the TVGoods and Inventor Center companies as well as my public image. He first helped us define the promise of our brand, creating a set of branding guidelines. This clarity helped the leadership of my company come together and make very important decisions. In the process that followed, Collins created exceptional design work, photographic images and video footage that delivered on our brand's emotional promise as he helped define it. He redesigned the cover for my book, and his excellent logo designs are the new face of our company. We are thrilled with our new look.

Chris is the consummate professional: clear in communication, true to his vision and dedicated to the client and his process. His unique branding process helps to quickly get clarity on a brand message that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. He made me and my company look great, he delivered on time and on target and we think his work will make a huge difference for us. Chris Collins is the real deal: a great marketer and gifted designer.”

Kevin Harrington - Founder of TVGoods, Inc. and star of ABC's Shark Tank


“Over my many years in sales and marketing I have worked with many designers and marketers. Yet working with Chris and his team was a completely unique from what I had experienced in the past. From the beginning we were fully immersed, engaged and dove deep into the process of revealing the DNA of our brand.

Not only was the result an incredible shift from what we had in place, but every single partner, associate, joint venture partner, team member has done nothing but rave about the new look. I do not think I have called Chris without a response within minutes and a solution to our needs. His expertise is vast and the quality of the folks that he brings to bear on the project even greater. After 20+ years I feel for the first time that the essence of who I am and who our brand is has been brought to light. Chris's images say everything without saying anything.“

Blair Singer - Author of best selling books: “Little Voice Mastery”, “ABC's of Building a Business Team” and “SalesDogs”

"My formula for hiring professionals is both simple and hard: It’s simple because I only work with the best. It’s hard because so few people actually live up to their promises and reputation. To cut to the chase: Chris Collins does: He is the best.  Collins and I have worked on more than a dozen joint campaigns and I always tell my clients: the media will not look at you unless you are properly branded. If you’re ready to be perceived as the best, you have to work with the best. And to look like the best, your choice - like mine - is simple. You have to hire Chris Collins."

Erin Saxton, Multi-Emmy nominated TV producer "The View" on ABC, Founder of Media/PR Agency, “The Idea Network”


"Branding is about making decisions. It’s about managing and staying on top of the smallest details, listening deeply to the clients needs and finding the magic that separates brilliance from the mundane. Your brand is how the world perceives you, remembers you, and judges your value. Thanks, Chris, for raising the bar for our project and executing in true "Collins style" - standards second to none, always exceeding expectations."

Gary Goldstein, Hollywood Producer “Pretty Woman”, “Under Siege”, "The Mothman Prophecies" etc.

"The next step in the process of developing LoopRope was getting the right person to design our logo and all of the LoopRope assets. That guy is Chris Collins of American Design Company. As the saying goes you get what you pay for and I most certainly feel like we did. Chris added a tremendous amount of value to the LoopRope brand and I highly recommend him."

Jeff Dahl, Owner/Inventor Looprope™

Looprope™ went from half a dozen to hundreds of stores  (incl. Costco and WalMart) after rebranding and repackaging their awesome product


"I first wanted to work with Chris when I saw his graphics. But the visual element is such a small part of what branding with Chris really is. He does an amazing job for my clients: everything from helping with language, design, sales, and strategy. It is a complete process where he is doing the work of three people. Completing the branding process has improved the bottom line for my clients up to 50%. I recommend all my clients in the market for rebranding to work with him."


Ed Bogle, IdeationEdge, Fortune 50 business Strategist (incl. Shell, Conoco Petroleum)

"When I first saw Chris’ artwork I said “this is something I’ve got to have.” It was edgy, clean, it clearly depicted a message, and you could tell a lot of thought went into it. You have to go to the best all the time, and Chris is it. Chris listened intently to our vision and had great attention to detail.

Chris takes on a project like it’s his. He methodically put it together to where we knew we’d have an excellent result"

David Stanley, Movie Producer, Impello Entertainment

"Wow! I just completed working with Chris Collins on a mutual client's branding process. I have worked almost 30 years helping companies perform better, and have had the privilege to work with a number of other professionals in serving mutual clients. After almost a week of working with Chris as he led us through his branding process, I am very impressed!

I have never enjoyed working with anyone as much as I did with Chris. His focus on the client's needs, his process and supporting staff, and the way he demonstrated how he "cares" for the client made me proud to have him on our team. My client and I are delighted with Chris's final products and we are implementing Chris's suggestions with great results. I recommend Chris Collins and American Design Co. wholeheartedly to anyone who has branding needs."

Harry P. Lay, President, Consultant for WalMart, etc.

"Chris Collins is a genius. He gets to the heart of what the brand needs to communicate faster and more precise than any marketer I have ever worked with. His process is intuitive, unique and spot-on. I trust his judgement for my personal brand and strongly recommend him to my professional ventures and network. One look at his portfolio and you will see why. "

Nicholas Zaldastani - Venture Capitalist, Serial Entrepreneur


"My colleague and I had created amazing and profound process to help people in their personal development, but people were not "getting it." We had celebrity endorsements, lots of testimonials, and high site traffic but sales way below what we wanted. We had tried all kinds of things and worked with many people to better communicate about our process, but none of it was working. I was so frustrated! I knew I needed a rebrand and decided to work with Chris after seeing his portfolio.

It was important to me to be able to work with someone who could bring this forward in a truly connected way and I had huge expectations. Chris was present, caring, and brilliant and I was blown away by his creativity. I loved the process we went through and I saw that he was really "getting it." I am amazed at what a master Chris is and how intuitive and open he is. I could feel his intensity and passion as he looked at every singe detail and crafted a promise so that people could really "get" our brand.  

I am sure Chris will get busier and busier, but if you can get on Chris' schedule, I have no reservations in highly recommending him."


Dr. Margaret Paul, Inventor Self Quest®, Inner Bonding

“Chris Collins is the real deal! I have been convinced that branding is the difference between success and failure for a long time. I am willing to say that my successful ventures succeeded because of the branding more than any other factor. Chris’ designs are in a class of their own. His ability to connect my audience to my product through his simple yet beautiful designs and communicate value quickly is uncanny. My latest venture did not perform until Chris Collins put a face on it. I refuse to work without Chris Collins on my core team and recommend that you do the same!”

Lance Ablin, Serial Entrepreneur



“Chris significantly helped with the marketing and visual brand development for our Mojito Island and other Island brands of beverages. I would credit his designs with the high percentage of our retail and wholesale success. Chris delivered in areas of package design, web design, retail advertising, POS, on site displays and just about every other visual aspect of our business. His constant flow of ideas and creativity coupled with his ability to function and communicate with my team has made him a valuable asset to our efforts.”

Michael Hensel, CEO, Synergy Beverages, Inc

“Chris designed and redesigned the packaging of several RIDATA retail products, as well as our trade show displays and print advertising. His work has been carried out within deadline and to everyone’s satisfaction. His services can be highly recommended.”

Denise Starbird, Ridata, Inc.

“Chris was recommended by a friend in the beverage industry. I hired him instantly after seeing his work to design the SUTRA brand identity and retail packaging. Having built several successful brands in the beverage field I usually have a clear idea of what I’m looking for. Chris’ patience to listen and connect deeply with the products’ vision, his ability to communicate clearly and his uncanny talent to create on the spot is why I hired Chris for a second time to build the LightSound line of products. He came through once again 100%, designing the logo, retail packaging and website. Chris is a world-class marketer and seasoned designer. I will use him again.”

Bill Palmer, CEO LightSound Lab

“I met Chris during tumultuous times in our business. His creative direction instantly made sense to me. Even more important was his loyalty and ability to navigate around people’s egos and put us (the client) and the project first. Chris understands that businesses are run by people and I got the sense that he genuinely cares about what’s best for our product and our business. With this approach he has gained our trust. His services can be highly recommended.”

Chris Svensrud, (dip) designer + inventor + president, Pixel Organics & “Boomer&Bug Bedding”

“Chris came highly recommended by another Talent Agency he designed a logo for. We started our relationship with a long conversation about what I wanted my logo to look like. Chris was able to quote me a price instantly and we started the process quickly. Within a week we had solid results I am very satisfied with. I will recommend Chris to my associates and clients.”

Alex Morawec, Talent Manager, Major Minors Management


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