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Creating a successful brand that truly communicates with your audience is all about assembling the right touch points. Simply putting a logo on your product is not the solution to creating a culture around your brand that customers will embrace.

There is no cookie-cutter answer to branding. What is essential for one company can be completely inappropriate for another. Assessing what a company needs and when is no small part of creating an effective brand that serves the consumer and the company. Here are some of the expertise Chris can provide as part of the branding process:

• Brand Strategy (short term, long term)

• Brand Positioning

• Design of Corporate Identity (logos, color schemes, etc.)

• Package Design

• Print Design

• Web Design  / UI (promotional and eCommerce)

• Advertising (print, web, video)

You will find some examples of Chris' work on this website. Please use the ENGAGE section of this site to enquire about hiring Chris to brand your project.


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