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How to receive a quote for branding services

Feel free to contact us with a project inquiry.

In the case of a new product or service you are introducing to the market this should include a short description of what you have in mind.

If this is a rebrand, please include a link to the current branding along with your project description. Please do not send requests for only logo design or partial branding.

We will respond with a short email about availability (Chris’ schedule is limited and booked several months in advance) and a likely fee range. If the fee range and timing are acceptable to you, we will contact you to get more information.

Once we receive all this information we will schedule a time for you to talk with Chris one-on-one.

Engaging Chris Collins

Thank you so much for your interest in working with Chris Collins.


To us branding means:

1) defining who you or your company needs to BE to its prospects and customers
2) giving your business a FACE that communicates these values and promises

We believe that who you pick to define and refine the “promise to your customers” and who shines the right spotlight on you is one of the most important decisions you will make in growing your business.

When you choose Chris to work with, you are choosing one of the most established and reputable professionals in the field. Chris does all the creative work himself to his high and exacting standards. There is no farming out of projects to junior designers or other creatives.

Part of maintaining Chris’ high standards means doing only complete work: Chris does not believe in delivering a “partial brand” such as a “logo” only. There always is a larger dialogue that involves a complete brand makeover. A brand makeover requires a through brand strategy. 

We have created this website with the new client in mind with lots of information on Chris’ results and process. We are receiving up to a dozen branding requests per day, so please do not contact us until you have spent some time on this site to determine if you are REALLY interested and ready to move forward.


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